According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), organized labor represents approximately one out of every ten American workers. Organized labor is one of the most important and influential groups in the health insurance industry today, due to its national membership exceeding fifteen million covered persons. As a result of our nation’s economic crisis, organized labor has been tasked with the difficult problem of balancing decreasing membership and decreasing work, with ever increasing benefit costs. To help solve this problem, INDECS Corporation, a Third Party Administrator, offers a “Union Specific” self-funded health plan through the Benexcel Consortium, a subsidiary of the Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition and member of the National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions.

Through an INDECS administered Benexcel self-funded health plan, organized labor health plans:

  1. Are not subject to conflicting state health insurance laws, regulations and benefit mandates, as these plans are regulated under federal law (Taft Hartley, ERISA, HIPAA).
  2. Are not subject to state health insurance premium taxes on the full cost of their health plan benefits.
  3. Are not funding the health insurance company's excessive overhead and profits.
  4. Maintaincontrol over health plan reserves, enabling maximization of investment income - income the insurance carrier would otherwise take.
  5. Gain control over the design of the benefit plan and can customize it to meet their membership’s individual needs.

With an INDECS administered Benexcel self-funded health plan, organized labor can continue to provide its membership with first rate health benefits, while at the same time reducing costs and increasing overall plan control. INDECS is proud to partner with organized labor in achieving these goals and we look forward to working with you soon.

About Benexel Consortium

Benexcel Consortium, Inc. is a for-profit wholly owned subsidiary of the Delaware Valley Health Care Coalition. Members include unionized entities such as health & welfare funds, government agencies and private employers. Benexcel’s mission is to ensure the best quality and service of health plans while controlling and reducing plan costs.