About the Company

At INDECS, one of the leading third-party administrators in the Mid-Atlantic region, we focus on customer service. INDECS specializes in providing excellent service to its clients. We function as the administrative arm for your benefit program, which we customize to meet your needs.

With a Self-Funded program designed and administered by INDECS, you regain control of your health plan and its resources.

Mission Statement

INDECS exists to provide our clients with the finest Employee Benefit Claims Processing Center, offering superior customer service to every plan member, and the most effective and responsible Benefits Administration and information to Plan Management.

Satisfaction of our clients — both to the plans and their individual membership — is our most important function. Whatever their needs are, it is our job to attain the highest level of satisfaction possible. In the process, our objective is to have each employee of INDECS:

  • Be a client ambassador, making every client contact with INDECS a pleasant experience
  • Enjoy their job
  • Have a pleasant place to work
  • Achieve excellence in their performance
  • Participate in a reward program for their professionalism, and
  • Be proud of their company, INDECS Corporation

Although INDECS is in business to make a profit, its goal is to do so through client satisfaction and employee pride in its superior customer service and quality products at the lowest net cost to its clients.

Company History

INDECS Corporation has a long history of providing superior employee benefit program services and management, dating back to the early 80’s. Originally, INDECS was a department of Ebasco Risk Managers (ERMCI), a division of Ebasco Services Inc. Ebasco was, in turn, a subsidiary owned by the Enserch Corporation. Ebasco employed more than 10,000 workers worldwide, providing engineering, scientific, construction and risk management services to the utility industry. Ebasco’s medical benefits program was perceived by participating employees as non-responsive to their needs and frustrating due to long claim reimbursement delays, followed by inaccurate claim payments that defied correction. At that time, Ebasco’s health benefits program was administered by several of the largest U.S. Health Insurance carriers. Switching from one large carrier to another did not improve claims service and made the situation worse from an employer’s perspective. Ebasco’s management determined that ERMCI, its subsidiary Risk Management Division, could provide better managed health claims services. It was also established that employee claims processing was rendered best through self-administration, as an adjunct to self-funding.

The Independent Consultation Services of Ebasco, Inc. or INDECS began group health, disability and employee benefit claims processing for its parent organization on January 1, 1984. Self-administration was an immediate success! Employee complaints were significantly reduced; the bureaucracies of the prior large medical insurer’s “ASO” arrangements were eliminated and claims were processed in a timely manner. The corporate health plans became an appreciated benefit by employee participants, and at the same time, management regained control over the costs of its medical programs. In 1986–87, INDECS became a profit center for Ebasco Services Inc. and changed its legal name to INDECS of Ebasco, Inc. We had begun providing TPA services to organizations who had similar claims and service problems, and over the years developed into a comprehensive employee benefit administrative services provider for medical, dental, short and long term disability benefits and brokerage services, life, flexible spending accounts, and also assisted in most employee benefit administrative functions, for the parent company and “outside” clients.

INDECS has maintained a totally different approach to employee health benefits administration from that of the insurance carriers providing Administrative Services Only (ASO), and the brokerage community who owned and ran Third Party Administrators as an adjunct to their insurance sales and marketing divisions. INDECS focused not only on providing excellent customer service to its clients and their covered members, but also in assisting its clients in designing, implementing, and administering customized health plans to meet their needs at the lowest possible net cost.

During 1993 and 1994, Ebasco Services Inc. was sold in parts by its parent company, Enserch Corporation to the Raytheon Corporation and Foster Wheeler Corporation of America. Following the Ebasco divestiture by Enserch, INDECS Corporation was sold to its two principal officers, Bruce E. Buchanan, Sr. and Lee H. Cohen.

Recently, Tom Knox and Benexcel Consortium, Inc. acquired ownership interests in INDECS. Tom Knox now serves as the Chairman and CEO and Bruce Buchanan Sr. is the President and Chief Operating Officer.

Our Philosophy

INDECS Corporation maintains its original philosophy of acting as the extension of company management in providing services for its employee benefits plans. Since 1983, we have provided claims processing, brokerage and administrative services for employee benefit programs to Plan Sponsors, Welfare Funds, Associations, and Employers as if INDECS was a department in the sponsor’s organization. INDECS continues that same approach today, providing plan management and a professional staff of employee benefit administrators to assist our clients’ Human Resources, Personnel Departments, and Welfare Plan Administrators in providing the finest, most cost effective and employee satisfying benefit programs.

Since its inception, INDECS has helped its clients save millions of dollars in costs of their Group Health and Employee Benefit programs.