Small Business Health Plan

As healthcare insurance premiums continue to soar, more businesses are turning to Self-Funded Employee Benefits Plans to lower their overall healthcare costs while still providing first-rate coverage to their employees. While self-funded plans were formerly associated with only the nation’s largest corporations (50% of workers at employers with 200–999 employees, and 88% of workers at employers with 5,000 or more employees), INDECS Corporation has designed a Self-Funded product that is custom tailored to the unique needs of small businesses. Through the INDECS Small Business Health Plan (< 100 Employees), employers can potentially save 5%-20% or more on the cost of their health plans, and 12%-22% or more on the cost of their pharmacy benefit plans.

Other potential advantages of the INDECS Small Business Health Plan include:

  • Employer control over the benefit plan design and customization.
  • Freedom from conflicting state health insurance regulations and benefit mandates, as Self-Funded plans are regulated under federal law (ERISA, HIPAA).
  • Freedom from state health insurance premium taxes.
  • Employer pays 1/12th of maximum funded amount each month. At the end of the plan year run-out, any unspent claims funds are returned to the plan sponsor.

To see just how much money the INDECS Small Business Health Plan could potentially save your company, please fill out this form for a free quote from one of our experienced sales associates.